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Family: Martins | Centennial Lakes Park | Minnesota Family Photographer

Today made for a great day for shooting – being one of the first BEAUTIFUL weekends in 2016.  We were lucky enough to shoot photos of the adorable Aubree and her wonderful parents again.  In case you don’t follow our blog, we have shot photos of them since Aubree was a tiny little baby.  Seeing her grow up in our photos is so cool.  We saw her for the first time in six months today and she’s running around now, which we saw for the first time. 

The fact that she was running around so much made the shoot a bit more challenging than prior sessions with her, which made for a great teaching moment.  It’s important to note that during this age, it can be incredibly difficult to shoot posed photographs, due to the little ones just wanting to run all over the place.  So it is key to learn how to work around that, which is what we did today.  Embrace the fact that candid photos can be amazing.  In essence, allow the children to take control of the shoot and simply follow them around.  You’re watching them grow up in photographs and this is one of the best ways to do it. 

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