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Engaged: Greta & Paul | Hayward, Wisconsin | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was a really fun shoot for a couple of reasons.  One, it is winter engagement photography.  Living in Minnesota, we have a number of clients that worry about their engagement photos being during the winter and thinking that they won’t be good, as everything is cold and dead.  However, it’s not about that.  Engagement photos are about the couple and the emotions, something you can portray in any season.  The other thing about this shoot is that they asked if we could do it in Hayward, Wisconsin.  

Hayward is where my entire extended family lives, and apparently where a ton of cabins that belong to people who live in Minnesota are.  It had just snowed that morning and was five degrees Fahrenheit during the shoot.  Greta and Paul were accompanied by their puppy, Lincoln, who wanted nothing more than to play in the snow.  

The shoot was really fun, despite the cold temps, and resulted in some amazing photos.  Things that make winter engagement photography awesome?  Scarves, hats, coats, puppies, and the fact that the environment looks like a winter wonderland.

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