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February Wedding: Kelsey & Kevin | Eau Claire, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Kelsey and Kevin were married in Jamaica and had their local reception in a February wedding in Wisconsin, which we were happy to shoot.  The February wedding date was unseasonably (and wonderfully) warm, reaching sixty degrees for a winter wedding.  It was fantastic and neither us nor the bridal party was complaining.  You’ll note patches of snow mixed with all the sunlight and warmth.  The day was filled with smiles, as you can see in the photos below and Kelsey and Kevin were incredibly fun to work with.

Highlights from the day:
  • The weather!  You have to understand that the weekend before and after this one were well below zero.  Things went crazy this weekend and it felt like summer.
  • We’ve known Kelsey and Kevin from music festivals for the last few years so it was a joy to shoot their day
  • The bridal party dresses were so cute
  • They had records to sign as guestbooks
  • We got to see so many Wisconsin music festival friends

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