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Engaged: Erica & Shawn | Gull Lake Engagement Photographer

When we first met Erica and Shawn, they were trying to figure out how they could get their engagement shoot done at their cabin in Gull Lake, as we were based out of Minneapolis and it’s a bit of a drive for an engagement shoot. Plus, with all the other engagement shoots this time of year, finding a day to drive three hours one way was proving difficult.  Luckily, we planned it well in advance.  They found us to shoot their wedding in the winter and their wedding in January, so we had plenty of time.  I honestly can’t believe how fast it came up.  

This shoot ended up being so cute. Usually myself and Kyle shoot engagement photos, but due to an illness, I couldn’t be there.  He brought Sidney, our Miniature Pinscher, with him, who was more than happy to assist, go on a car ride, and hang at the cabin.