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Maternity: Hailey & Grant | Minnesota Maternity Photographer

We originally worked with Hailey and Grant when they got married, so we were very excited to not only hear that they are expecting a baby, but that they wanted us to do photos for them again.  They’re both so fun and it didn’t surprise me in the least that Hailey came up with a very fun and creative idea for a shoot.  Their whole wedding was very DIY, but in the way that everyone is jealous of.  Like, they can actually pull off DIY and make it work, unlike the majority of us who try and it looks about 50/50.  She proposed doing a shoot in a fort she made in their home with stuffed animals, children’s books, and more.  It was adorable.  

The first part of the shoot was in their house.  They had put together this elaborate fort with Christmas lights around it, books, little stuffed animals, baby signs, and more.  If I was a kid, I would LOVE this place!  It’s just so fun and is honestly a place where I would go to relax and read a good book.  Grant read these cute children’s books to Hailey, they read Calvin and Hobbes (AWESOME, they’ll make awesome parents), and just did some fun cute shots.

We then went to the woods by their house for some more traditional shots, which turned out lovely.  I really loved the contrast between the two types of photos because it was like two different photo shoots.  

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