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Engaged: April & Brice | Boom Island Park Engagement Photography

This was yet another session we shot on a very rainy weekend.  It was raining when we drove to Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, one of our favorite photo spots, and let up for the majority of the shoot.  April and Brice were so fun to work with.  When we originally consulted with them, they asked what we would do if it rained on the day of the engagement shoot or the wedding and we assured them that overcast days are the best days for photography.  And rain just makes photos that much more unique.  So what does it do?  It rains, of course!  Not only did the clouds naturally balance everything, but the day made all the colors that much more vibrant, especially the greens of the trees and more. We were finishing up and were about to take a few more shots when it literally started to pour.  The kind of rain that had us shoving our cameras in our jackets the way you would protect people from fire.  

We can’t wait to work with April and Brice again for their wedding.  The two were such a joy to work with and very easy to shoot.  It’s clear how much they love each other, which makes it that much more of a pleasure to photograph them.  

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