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Engaged: Ally & Nick | Whitetail Woods Regional Park | Minnesota Engagement Photographer

This session was a lot of fun.  We had never shot in Whitetail Woods before, but the photos we had previously seen of it were beautiful.

Ally and Nick wanted sunset photos and this was a lovely spot for them.  Being the summer in Minnesota, it was incredibly humid and the area was riddled with so many mosquitos that I was covered head to toe in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, plus a layer of bug spray.  Very real elements, lol.  

The two of them were so much fun.  We had a great session joking and laughing throughout. One big piece of advice we have for all our clients is to simply not take your photography too seriously, because it helps you relax.  Enjoy the time you have with you significant other is what you should focus on and the love shines through in your photos. 

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