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Engaged: Nicole & Alex | Centennial Lakes Park | Minnesota Engagement Photographer

Nicole and Alex came from Nebraska the weekend of their engagement shoot.  Initially, they were looking for a woodsy environment for the shoot, but after a lot of back and forth, we settled on Centennial Lakes Park.

The spot is so interesting because it is right in the middle of a busy area of Edina and a lot of people are unaware that it is even there.  We shot at 5:30pm on a Saturday, so the moment we got there, there was a large wedding party shooting, as well as several other photographers.  The thing about this spot is that not only does it have a large variety of looks for photographing, even when there are tons of people there (which there were), you can still make it look like we were all alone there.  

For a couple we had not had the chance to meet prior to booking, they warmed up to us very quickly and, as you can see, got some great shots.  


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