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Russian Wedding: Yana and Brian | Lafayette Club | Minnetonka Wedding Photographer

This wedding will go down forever in our books as The Russian Wedding.  Yana and Brian’s story is so fun. They met on the school bus when they were little and now, years later they got married. We met with Yana only a couple months prior to her wedding. She had been in twenty seven weddings in the past two years and didn’t want to deal with a big wedding. Since she and Brian had known each other so long, they really weren’t all about anything to big anyway. So they were having a brunch wedding where the most important things were family and having good food and drinks.

We have had people tell us SO many times that they are having small weddings and they only care about certain things, but the day of, that all changes and it is a total mess. Prior to the ceremony, things did get really crazy timewise due to issues with the dress, so I made sure to ask Yana what was more important to her, getting family photos or photos of her and Brian, if the time crunch were to cut time out of one of them. She said family, I breathed a sigh of relief, and we focused a lot on family. Luckily, the timeline after the ceremony went really smoothly, so we got everything in on time, but it’s always good to be prepared.

Since it was really important to Yana and Brian to focus on family, there are a lot of family shots in this blog post. We rarely do this, as we used to, but we were once torn apart by a family member of a couple who felt they weren’t given adequate screen time. I’ll be perfectly honest, this blog is not about giving people screen time, nor is it us being judgemental. I can only pick so many photos for it without bogging down our server. So if are not in the photos below, don’t take it personally. I pick some that look fun and will tide over the bride and groom until they get all their photos. So have fun with it.

Final notes on this wedding:
  • we got to learn about a culture different than ours, which is one of our favorite things.
  • We got a FABULOUS brunch!
  • Those little donut holes from Yoyo Donuts should be delivered to our house every single day.
  • Also, the babies wore matching flannels.
Thank you to all the following vendors for helping create such a wonderful day:

Venue: Lafayette Club
Photography: RKH Images
Catering: Lafayette Club
Hair: Maddie Johnson
Makeup: Alana Schlager
Rings: Shane Co.
Dress: Caroline Castigliano
Tuxes: Calvin Klein
Flowers: Bachmans
Donuts: Yoyo Donuts
DJ: Bellagala

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