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Engaged: Constance and Josh | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Sunset Engagement Photography | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Constance and Josh booked us after we shot their friends’ wedding last year. Constance was a part of their wedding, which is awesome because she has already worked with us through an entire wedding day. That is the IDEAL client. 🙂

These photos were shot on a day that had been filled with nothing but rain until about an hour prior to the session. They were driving here from Wisconsin, so they were unsure if we could shoot or not without rain, but we were given a beautiful sunset. Most of these photos are shot with an off camera flash (although there are a few natural light and on camera flash ones), which gives them a slightly different look than some of our other ones. Constance and Josh were an adventurous couple, which we love. A lot of people want to get photos that they see on Instagram and Pinterest, but once they realize what that consists of, decide on an easier choice. And I don’t blame them sometimes. But these two were all for it. We found this little creek and Constance was all, “Can we get in the creek?” To which Kyle and I said, “Of course, get in the creek!” The photos were amazing, despite a few moments of cold water discomfort. It’s also a fun story.

We are very excited to shoot their wedding next summer in Wisconsin.

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  1. Clarice says:

    The sunlight usage in this post is incredible. Love that you used both natural light and a flash. So pretty.


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