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Casual Wedding: Heidi and Russ | Kellerman’s Event Center | White Bear Lake, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Heidi and Russ’ casual wedding was a bit different for us than others have been. I say that this is a casual wedding because they didn’t make a big deal out of it.  That’s the ideal situation for a wedding, as so many people overthink them.  They then stress themselves out over the littlest things.

The two of them booked us online. Although a lot of people do that, they typically do an engagement session with us. They didn’t do an engagement session, so we didn’t meet them until two weeks before the wedding when we sat down to work out the timeline. So needless to say, we were a little nervous because in that situation, you have no idea whose wedding you are photographing.

Luckily for us, we met with Heidi and Russ, and they were great. We talked about the wedding, all the details, and then about fun life stuff like music and sports. We knew as soon as we left that night that the wedding would be great and it was. We left for the wedding that day and it was POURING at our house. By the time we got to Kellerman’s Event Center in White Bear Lake, there was simply a lovely cloud coverage for the day. They had a laid back wedding (my personal favorite) – Russ and his guys wore dress shirts and jeans, they took time to play a game of pool prior to the ceremony, and it was a big family affair. They also celebrated Heidi’s grandpa’s birthday with a little birthday cake, which was so sweet.

Thank you to the following vendors for making this day so great:

Venue: Kellerman’s Event Center
Photography: RKH Images

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