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Mill City Ruins engagement photography

Mill City Ruins Engagement Photography: Jackie & Bobby | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

These two are such a wonderful couple.  We met them for their initial wedding consultation.  Before we could say much, Jackie was asking about engagement photography dates.  It was a sealed deal really fast and we are very excited to be shooting their big day at Hutton House in a few months.  But for this session, we were in many places, including the Mill City Ruins.

It was a typical Minnesota in between fall and winter day when we shot this session.  The day was cold and windy and we were afraid it would rain.  It made for wonderful shots, however.  This was a day that was really hard for us before the session.  It was one of those times when you have to put all your bad stuff behind you and do your job.  I’m so happy they’re a great couple and fun people because they made our day so much better.

We shot on the Stone Arch Bridge and then at the Mill City Ruins.  We were planning to go up to the Guthrie Theater for the next part of the shoot.  Well, we took the wrong path and it took a long time to get back up to the theater.  The great thing about that is that we have been in that area hundreds of times.  Along the way, we found some cool new areas for us to shoot, so there was a positive to all the extra walking.

Mill City Ruins engagement photography Plus size couple kissing in flowers Mill City Ruins engagement photography Mill City Ruins engagement photography Mill City Ruins engagement photography

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