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Airbnb Elopement: Jackie and Bobby | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Jackie and Bobby are the first of one of our COVID postponements to do a small ceremony/elopement.  They were married at an Airbnb in Minneapolis so they could keep their original date.  The thing we really love about these two is how no bullshit they are.  REALLY.  I love people like that.  Jackie tells it how it is and it’s awesome. It’s honestly really refreshing when working for someone too because you know exactly what they want and don’t want.

This whole thing was very up and down due to the stay at home order.  Their wedding was to be in May and no one knew what the status would be at the time.  So the four of us just waited.  We kept looking at their engagement photos and hoping it would all work out. Once they realized May wasn’t going to happen, they postponed to August.  They really wanted to keep their original date for their anniversary date, so when the stay home order was lifted, they planned on a small ceremony.  They found this gorgeous Airbnb in Minneapolis.  There was a strong forecast for rain and we just kept not mentioning it because they had been through so much planning this.  Luckily, it didn’t rain and the day was just a beautiful overcast.

This is actually the first of our couples who have now had to postpone TWICE.  Yes, twice.  They called us about a week back to tell us that due to the unknown nature of when things will open, they had to move the big wedding to April of next year.  At this point, we cannot wait to shoot their big day.  We really feel for all these couples this year.  It’s so hard to see this week to week, but 2021 is going to be amazing for everyone.  As of now, they are the first wedding we will be shooting in 2021, unless we get some winter ones.  Can’t wait!

Airbnb Elopement

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