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Claus and Renate: At Home Wedding | Prior Lake | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

An at home wedding is something that is all the rage in 2020, for obvious reasons.  With venues being closed or having the fear that they could close at a day’s notice, an at home wedding is an easy choice.  We love it.

Sort of a story – Claus and I used to work together, like, YEARS ago.  He was one of my favorite people that I worked with, so when he contacted me about his wedding, we were more than happy to shoot it.  Their day was actually the first wedding that we shot after the pandemic began that almost went off as planned.

He and Renate were supposed to get married at Cleary Lake near Prior Lake.  We actually shot their engagement photos there and it was beyond cold that day. Like, the exact opposite of their hot and humid wedding day. We were on the lake, there was wind, and it was well below zero.  They ended up not being able to do their day there due to restrictions from the pandemic.  Because of this, is turned into a home wedding.  They were married at Claus’ parent’s house.  I feel like people think that having a wedding at home would not work, but it was great!  They had a beautiful view of the lake, the home was tucked away from the neighbors, it was awesome.

It was really clear to us all day how much the two of them just adore each other.  It was so cute.  I’m so happy to see him with someone that he loves and someone who obviously loves him so much.

Highlights from the day:

  • The colors of the day were a rainbow color scheme.  The bridal party all wore colors of the rainbow and lined up as the rainbow.  Renate had rainbow flowers in her hair and bouquet as well as rainbow nails.  I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding with rainbow colors, so it was a lot of fun.  It really pops in photos and again, is just plain fun.
  • Due to the pandemic, people wore masks unless they were eating drinking, or in some cases, dancing. A lot of people got masks to match their outfits, which was really cool.  Two of the girls there were dressed up with masks and it totally reminded me of anime characters.
  • Claus and Renate had us shoot their wedding party photos and couple photos at Cleary Lake. They then rode back to the house in a horse drawn carriage.
  • The two of them had matching rainbow masks to wear throughout the day.  Love it.
  • There was a big rainbow in the sky during their reception.

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