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Thursday Wedding: Emily and Corbin | Five Event Center | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Okay, I usually wouldn’t name a post after a day of the week, but this wedding was literally called, “The Thursday Wedding” from booking on.

Emily and Corbin…what can I say about these two? Aside from them being probably two of the best people we have ever met, there’s just so much more. We met these two last summer when they were looking for a wedding photographer and had a typical meeting. Everything was going pretty much the same as all consults until Emily noticed one of my David Bowie tattoos. Then it started. The four of us sat and talked about music for about an hour. It was so crazy. I felt like we had known them forever.

Their wedding was on a Thursday. Yes, people get married on Thursdays, and pretty much every day of the week. It was so funny because we met with the Five Event Center people at a wedding fair over the winter and they knew exactly what wedding we were talking about the second we mentioned it was the two of them on a Thursday. That particular Thursday was incredibly hot and humid, humid enough to fog up my lens every time I walked outside (as well as my glasses, which was particularly irritating). Needless to say, everyone spent most of their time indoors.

Emily and Corbin are total nerds, like us. We bode so well with nerdy clients. As you can see below, their ceremony alter was created with piles of books. During their engagement session, they did photos with books, light sabers, and more. Their centerpieces were also books. During her dad’s speech, he quoted “The Hobbit” and couldn’t remember the whole quote, so Emily grabbed the book from one of the piles and gave it to him. I love seeing people in love with books. I grew up reading constantly so it’s so nice to see that in others as an adult.

Awesome things about this wedding:
  • All the books!

  • Emily and her dad’s father/daughter dance was awesome. He was swinging her around and handing out small bottles of vodka.

  • Emily’s shoes.

  • Emily had helped compose a song that she then sang to Corbin during the ceremony as a surprise.

  • No one sweated the small stuff.

Thank you to the following vendors for making this day so much fun!

Venue: Five Event Center
Photography: RKH Images

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