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Summer Family Photography: The Hills | Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Summer Family Photography

It was a gorgeous summer day at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota, and we thrilled to photograph Sean and Jessie’s summer family photography session. As they arrived, Jessie and her daughter’s matching denim jackets immediately caught our attention, and we knew they would be perfect for their photos. We couldn’t wait to work with them again.

This family is one of our regular clients, and it’s always a joy to work with them. We photographed their wedding, and since then, we’ve done family photos for them after they had children. Sean and I have known each other since high school, so it’s always funny to see him with his own kids. And Jessie is just awesome, so we’re always happy to see her too.

As we walked around the park, we scouted some great spots for photos. The family was laughing, joking, and having a great time together. We captured photos of the kids playing, Sean and Jessie snuggling, and the family walking hand-in-hand. Each photo was full of warmth, happiness, and love.

When we reached a small bridge surrounded by flowers, the children started playing with the dandelions. We took some fun shots of them playing with the flowers, and it was a beautiful moment to capture. Jessie and Sean were having fun with the kids and laughing with them. This was actually my favorite part of the session. It reminded me of playing with flowers with my own mom when I was young.  That’s another great aspect of summer family photography.  Gorgeous weather and flowers.

As the session came to an end, we knew that we had captured some amazing memories for this family. They were so happy with the photos, and we were honored to have been a part of their special day. We can’t wait to work with them again and capture more beautiful memories for their family.

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