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Wayzata Beach Family Photography: The Ratcliffs | Wayzata, Minnesota

Oh, it’s one of our favorite families again!  This Wayzata Beach family photography was shot at sunset in Wayzata, Minnesota.  It’s actually around the area that Kyle grew up. I don’t know much about the area, but really loved shooting there.  We are looking to do more work there in the future.

Onto the session.  We have worked with the Ratcliffs many times.  If you frequent this blog, you’ve seen them before.  They are such a fun family to work with.  Their daughter, Hazel, is just great.  The last time we did a session with them, she grabbed Kyle’s hand and walked him to the playground with her.  Like it was nothing.  So cute.

We loved being able to capture shots on the beach with them.  There is a huge variety in backdrops here, so we got the sunset with the trees and then the waterfront.  Also, awesome bit – there is a playground right beside the beach.  So when we were finished with the photos, the kids were able to play.  That’s always a bonus when photographing kids.  Shannon did have a surprise for us at the end though.  She told us that there was a surprise photo she wanted at the end of the session.  Turns out, she was pregnant with their third child.  As a result, we did photos of the kids wearing shirts proclaiming their new sibling statues.

Just like any other time we have worked with them, it’s been great.  Sessions with little kids always start a little tough, but once they open up, it’s great.  We had Shannon and Brandon play with them a lot more than do traditional poses and the results were amazing.  Just letting kids be kids makes for some of the best moments.

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