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Wedding: Julie & Andrew | Dellwood Country Club | Dellwood, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Julie and Andrew were married on a beautiful day in Dellwood, Minnesota with a beautiful reception at the Dellwood Country Club.  The two were very laid back and easy to work with, as they had been in their engagement shoot almost a year prior.  While so many stress on their wedding days, neither of them did and enjoyed every moment of it.  We had never been to Dellwood before and it was a beautiful place. When we rode on the party bus out to the country club for the reception, we had no idea where we were going.  It was one of those times when you felt like you had literally gone too far.  We just kept snapping photos until we ended up at this gorgeous venue.  One thing that was really smart on their end was how they did the sparkler shot.  A lot of people want all of the wedding guests in a sparkler photo, but it’s hard to do.  Finding a close knit amount of people that will listen, pay attention, and actually want to participate is a far better way to do a sparkler photo. We loved the decor at the reception.

Some highlights of the day:
  • Julie surprised Andrew with a car that he had always wanted.  That’s pretty hard to beat.
  • Their Chihuahua was part of the wedding.  We love Chihuahuas.
  • Julie’s maid of honor, her sister, put together one of the best speeches we have ever seen, a cover of “Ice, Ice, Baby” crafted with her own lyrics to work in with the speech.
  • I love Julie’s dress.
Thank you very much to all the following people who made this day so special!

Church: Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Groom’s Dinner: Mad Jacks Sports Cafe
Reception: Dellwood Country Club
Makeup: BB Makeup
Hair: Mirror Mirror
Photography: RKH Images


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