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City Wedding: Beth & Clarissa | Varsity Theater | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Beth and Clarissa were married in a gorgeous city wedding at the beautiful Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We originally met them at a wedding we shot last August and were more than excited to shoot their wedding as well.  Their day was a cloudy one (perfect for photography) with the first half of it spent at Mill City, First Avenue, US Bank, and more.  We did getting ready photos at the W Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, which is a really fun place for getting ready photos.  It has very bold colors in the room which pop in photography.  With Clarissa being a huge Viking fan and Beth being a Packer fan, we had a lot of fun shooting at US Bank.  We shot city wedding photos nearly all day long.

We certainly spent time all over Minneapolis, being in Dinkytown and downtown.  As the afternoon progressed, we moved to Dinkytown and The Varsity Theater, a venue we would highly recommend for weddings.  It has a very colorful feel to it and is a lot of fun.  We love shooting wedding photos in the city, as they have a very different look to them than traditional wedding photos.  Although it may sound funny to do wedding photos in alleys, it can often times look really great.  The brick, landscapes, bridges, and more make for some fantastic photos and contrast well with the elegance of a wedding.

Highlights from the day:
  • Clarissa’s birdcage veil was beautiful.  We love those.
  • Their first look was adorable.
  • Shooting in front of First Avenue was so much fun.
  • They had a Native American wedding ceremony
  • They were gifted tickets to a Viking/Packer game
Thank you to the following vendors for making this day so much fun:

Venue: Varsity Theater
Photography: RKH Images
Accommodations: The W Hotel
Deserts: Angelfood Bakery

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