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Sunny Wedding: Maddy & Mike | Camrose Hill Flower Farm | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Once again, we got to shoot at the Camrose Hill Flower Farm.  I’m telling you, if you are looking for a venue that looks like a fairy tale, this is the place.  One of our favorite places to shoot.  We have shot weddings there before and it is always a treat.  Maddy and Mike had a very sunny wedding day.  That is a tough thing for photographers to shoot without experience.  We’ve been doing this for over a decade and still are not the biggest fans of a sunny wedding day.  We figured this out though.  This is why you use a flash outside when it’s sunny out.

Maddy and Mike are actually from New York, but had their wedding here due to family.  They were smart in the respect that they realized that if they were having a wedding outside of their state, it was best to have a wedding planner.  Smart.  Unfortunately, I don’t think their planner does planning anymore, otherwise we would recommend her to everyone.  Maddy is also Russian, so the wedding had a lot of Russian elements to it.  If you’ve ever been to a Russian wedding, you know they are VERY family oriented.  We love that.

Highlights of the day:

  • Mike’s mom made Maddy’s wedding dress.  It was absolutely beautiful.
  • Maddy and Mike are way into dinosaurs. They had little dinosaurs on all the tables.  We still have them.
  • They put sunglasses on after their first kiss and walked back down the aisle.  Made for such a cool shot.

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