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Wedding in the Rain: Brielle and Wyatt | Camrose Hill Flower Farm – Stillwater | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Brielle and Wyatt’s wedding day was just pure magic. It certainly goes down as one of our favorite weddings ever.  Regardless of all the rain, it didn’t matter.  In fact, it may have made the day that much better.

Much like the wedding the day before, the entire forecast was for rain. The difference with this wedding was that it actually did rain. It sprinkled during first look and family photos, it down poured for about ten minutes before the ceremony, it started to rain after the ceremony, and sprinkled on and off throughout the night. The ceremony was moved to the barn from the Fairy Glen due to the forecast, but was then moved to the Fairy Glen about an hour before the ceremony. Unfortunately there was a downpour for about ten minutes before the ceremony, but after drying of the chairs, they had a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

One of the funny things is that Brielle and Wyatt’s original engagement session date was moved around due to rain.  It’s like it was meant to rain in all their photos, regardless of the date.  We shot a lovely session with them in the woods right before it began raining again nearly a year prior.

Camrose Hill is one of my favorite venues ever. It’s like a fairy tale. If Kyle and I were getting married now, it would be at the top of the list of venues (if we didn’t just elope, lol). It’s just incredibly beautiful and a photographer’s dream.

Here is a review from the bride and groom:

“We would HIGHLY recommend RKH Images!! They are very experienced and passionate about what they do. Because of this, they were able to provide advice, recommended timelines, and were very responsive to any questions we had. They are very personable and provide great direction, and it helps to make you feel comfortable and stay calm on your big day. Their photos are absolutely amazing, and they can take a wide variety of shots that all turn out beautiful! Another added plus is they give you a copy of all your pictures in both color and black and white.”

Highlights from the day:
  • They had a taco buffet for dinner. I don’t think we have ever had better tacos in our lives. It was SO good.

  • Brielle’s veil originally had a huge hole in it. Her mom had it fixed prior to the wedding. It had been a veil that they had waited to use for thirty years and it tore right when they wanted to use it.

  • My back went out right after the first dance so I had to spend the rest of the night shooting from a chair next to the dance floor. Everyone was so nice, which was very welcoming because I hate looking like I’m not working.

  • Right after their first kiss, thunder rolled over the ceremony and it started to rain. I may be the only person who loved that, but it was SO cool!

  • Wyatt absolutely loves trees and made little candle holders out of trees for the tables. Everyone got to take one home with a battery operated candle that fit in it. We have two at the house now.

  • All their tables were named after trees. We sat at the Maple table.

Thank you to all these vendors for making this day so wonderful:

Venue: Camrose Hill Flower Farm
Photography: RKH Images
Catering: Acapulco

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