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At Home Wedding: Stephanie & Sean | Winnebago, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This particular weekend was so busy.  We were photographing and driving all over the state and this at home wedding was shot in Winnebago, Minnesota at a family farm.

We initially worked with them at their engagement session in downtown Minneapolis.  The day of the shoot was one of those first days of “spring” in Minnesota where it reaches forty degrees, so everyone is outside and acting like they have never seen the sun.  We actually had a wedding consult after their engagement session.  It was a wonderful day.

It was such a fun wedding to shoot.  Stephanie and Sean were very laid back and everything was so relaxed.  At home weddings are so beautiful to us.  It seems that those wedding are focused on things that are most important to those getting married, such as family and life.  The word ‘relaxed’ usually doesn’t go well with a wedding; they can be pretty crazy.  But that’s just what this wedding was.  After the ceremony, we spent a good amount of time taking photos of them in a classic Buick convertible, the fields, and other areas of their land.

The night concluded with a s’mores bar (I love that) and fireworks.  Their family really went all out with the fireworks, making for some amazing shots and a great way to finish off the day.

On a fun side note, we followed up when they had a baby with an adorable family session.

Highlights from this day include:
  • Sean and Stephanie had at an home wedding at their family farm.  That’s just cool.
  • After the ceremony, we did photos with them in their classic car.  We also did sunset photos with the car which were just incredible
  • S’MORES!!!
  • Their family shot off fireworks.  When you family does it, they can be as spectacular as you want.

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