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Engaged: Lauren & Matt | Excelsior | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This engagement shoot is the prime example as to how photography can work in a variety of weather conditions.

We had two engagement shoots on this day and we woke up to it absolutely POURING.  Like the kind of rain where it feels like buckets of rain are falling from the sky and even the person most experienced in the rain will run from it.  The thing was too, this was in Excelsior, and the further we drove west, the more it rained.  

Lauren and Matt were great to work with and having their first shoot with us be under such conditions,  I have to give them a lot of credit.  It began with it raining SO hard.  We hid by the sides of buildings and did some shots and then ran down to the lake when it eased up a bit for more of these shots where it appears not to be raining.  It was still very soggy, but the clouds made for an amazing balance.  

There were points when we had to bolt across the streets and stick camera equipment under our shirts to avoid damage, but it was still a lot of fun. 

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