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Wedding: Bre & Charles | Refuge Golf Club | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We just loved this wedding for so many reasons.  Bre and Charles have been clients of ours for a very long time and decided to be married at the Refuge Golf Club on Valentine’s Day.  We first worked with them when their daughter was born and have done countless family shoots with them since.  And they finally decided to get married! 🙂  So we were very excited about this.

They were married on Valentine’s Day in a small winter ceremony.

The venue got changed a few times, as Bre wanted a full winter wedding, but the family is from the South and weren’t going to handle a winter Minnesota wedding too well, so it eventually went to the Refuge Golf Club.  I loved the red cloaks. Both Bre and her daughter wore them for the day.  It was different, very Valentine’s Day, and also really popped in photos for winter shots.  This is one of the many military weddings we have shot, but one of the few active military weddings.  Because of this, Charles’ was in his uniform for the wedding and they had the swords for them walking down the aisle.  I don’t know about you, but we just love that.  We think it’s such a cool sight.

A special aspect of this day that we couldn’t mention when the wedding was happening was that Bre was actually pregnant with their second daughter during the wedding.  It was announced afterwards and we then shot a maternity session with them in the spring.

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