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Rainy Day Engagement Photos | Excelsior | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Rainy Day Engagement Photos

Never be worried about rainy day engagement photos.  I mean, unless it’s like, hurricane weather.  But otherwise, never be worried about rainy day engagement photos.  This engagement shoot is the prime example as to how photography can work in a variety of weather conditions.

Despite the unexpected rain, Lauren and Matt were determined to have their engagement photos taken in Excelsior, Minnesota. They had envisioned the shoot to be on a sunny day with clear skies, but the weather had other plans.

The couple walked around the town, holding hands, and enjoying each other’s company. They stopped at a small coffee shop, where they sipped on hot drinks and talked about their future together.

Despite the rain, Lauren and Matt’s engagement shoot turned out to be a memorable experience. It was a reminder that sometimes, the unexpected can be beautiful and that love always finds a way to shine through.

As the shoot ended, Lauren and Matt expressed their gratitude to us for braving the rain and capturing their love story so beautifully. They acknowledged that the rain had added a unique and unforgettable touch to their engagement photos. They eagerly anticipated sharing the pictures with their loved ones and proudly displaying them on their walls.

Reflecting on the rainy day engagement shoot, Lauren and Matt remembered their resilience and commitment to each other. The unpredictable weather had tested their determination, but they emerged stronger and more in love than ever before. The shoot had become a meaningful chapter in their love story, and they would always cherish the memories of that rainy day in Excelsior, Minnesota.

Update: it has been five years since their wedding at Mill City Museum.  It was SUCH a hot day!  But that wedding was so much fun.  The two of them and their families were so funny and we loved working with them.


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