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Engaged: Reece & Joe | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

These two are most likely going to take the cake for our favorite 2018.

Both Kyle and I have known Reece since the days we worked together at a CD shop in Burnsville.  We got to know Joe a few years back and just adore the two of them.  We’re so happy to be shooting their wedding.  But onto this engagement session.  

Normally, we only do one location for engagement sessions.  But since these two are buddies of ours, we sort of ended up running all over Minneapolis.  We began at Discland, Kyle’s former business, as if there is one thing the two of them love, it’s records.  I don’t know anyone who owns more records at this point than them.  It’s crazy.  We made stops at a few more iconic spots in Minneapolis (First Avenue, Mill City).  Then we went for what is always my favorite part of the shoots – we got the dogs.  They brought their two dogs, Frank and George Michael, into the session and they, of course, stole the show.  

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