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Wedding: Reece & Joe | Warehouse Winery | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Reece and Joe’s Warehouse Winery wedding was our most anticipated one of this year, as we’d been waiting for it for years, along with the rest of their loved ones.  Kyle and I have been friends with Reece for nearly twenty years now and have known Joe for almost as long as he has been with Reece.  When they became engaged, we got ahold of them and were like, “We are shooting your wedding.”  We really weren’t going to accept no for an answer.  We shot their engagement photos as well, with their two adorable dogs.

The two were married at the Warehouse Winery, which makes sense, as the two are very much into wine.  A Warehouse Winery wedding is going to be for people that enjoy a unique venue. This is one of those places that is very much unlike others in the area.  They even had one of the photos from the engagement session we did with them put on a wine bottle, which was so cool.  It was a really fun day with the ceremony and extra long cocktail hour mixed with reception filled with mingling with friends and family.  instead of having a dinner, they had drinks with appetizers and desert.  We love that because it’s less formal and lessens stress that is on so many wedding days.

Highlights of the day:
  • Seeing these two finally get married
  • The rainbow cake  – it tasted SO GOOD
  • Reece and Joe’s matching shoes
  • They played Radiohead when walking down the aisle
  • The desert table – donuts are the best

Again, so many congratulations to the two of you!!! 🙂

Thank you to all the following vendors who made the day so much fun:

Venue: Warehouse Winery
Photography: RKH Images
Suits: Express
Catering: Sterling
Flowers: Luna Vinca
Cake and Cupcakes: Angel Food Bakery

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