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Engaged: Makayla and Drew | St. Paul | Winter | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was the first engagement shoot of the year where it was actually snowing when we were shooting. That’s the thing with winter photos. If the snow is falling, it looks like magic, but it can be COLD. If it’s not snowing, it can look really bad at times, so you just have to play with what you have. This was the weekend before the polar vortex, so apparently we had no idea what cold was at that point, but we all still agreed to do some photos indoors. We decided to brave it out and go outside and it was certainly worth it.

Makayla and Drew were so much fun to work with. When we booked their wedding, we only met Makayla because Drew had been working in Alaska. It was great getting to meet him as well and see the two of them play off of each other. They had a lot of fun in front of the camera and based off this shoot, we know their wedding day (in a much warmer month) is going to be a lot of fun.

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