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Winter Carnival Engagement Photography: Erin and Tim | Saint Paul Winter Carnival | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

How would you like to end up having winter carnival engagement photography?  This engagement session was so the opposite of what we all planned on and yet it turned out awesome.  Because it ended up being partially Winter Carnival engagement photography.

We had not met Erin and Tim until right before the engagement session. They booked us online, so we went and had coffee with them before the session to get to know them. I have to say, Erin is probably the first person that I could tell was going to be a really fun person simply based on email. That’s hard to do when there is no tone to base it on and we had never met. Originally we were going to shoot at Boom Island in Minneapolis. However, the wind chills were predicted to be dangerously low that day, so we opted to shoot indoors in Saint Paul.

That all changed when the time to meet them came up. We had shot another session that day and after that one, it warmed up to about ten degrees with hardly any wind. It was snowing beautifully and they decided they would like to chance the outdoors. We picked a spot and tried to drive to it. However, due to the rising temperature, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival was back on and the roads we tried to get onto were all blocked. So we essentially were just guided to the area by the Landmark Center due to road closures.

It all worked out splendidly. We shot outside the Science Museum, the James J. Hill Library, and more. At the end of the shoot, we ran out into the parade and got photos in the Winter Carnival parade. That was awesome because it’s something you can only get during that parade.

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