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Wedding: Jillian and Jared | Lumber Exchange Event Center | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

illian and Jared tied the knot on a chilly day in January, which proved to be extra cold for Jillian’s family. The wedding took place at the Lumber Exchange Event Center in downtown Minneapolis, a stunning venue for such occasions.

While Jillian hails from Texas and Jared from Madison, they both currently reside in California. Consequently, many wondered, “Why choose January in Minneapolis for your wedding?” We posed the same question during their engagement session in Minnesota. Their answer was simple—they desired a winter wedding, and they got exactly that. Their weekend coincided with the first bone-chilling spell of the season, with temperatures hovering around three degrees. Although Minnesotans considered it bearable, it was evident whenever a Texan guest braved the frigid climate.

This wedding exuded an air of joy throughout the day, as Jillian and Jared were beaming with smiles. We have encountered a few couples like them in our career, reminding us of why we adore our job so passionately. What ties these couples together is their acceptance of the uncontrollable aspects of their special day, such as the weather.

Initially, when we met Jillian and Jared, they expressed no interest in a first look. However, upon further conversation, we discovered their strong desire for the type of couple photos we are renowned for capturing. It held great importance to them. As any married couple would attest, opting for a first look results in more photos together, simply because the couple spends more time together throughout the day. They eventually changed their minds and decided to have a first look. I sometimes worry that such changes might be solely for photographic purposes rather than personal ones, but those concerns were swiftly dispelled at this wedding.

During the first look, as Jared turned around, Jillian’s emotions overflowed, making for an utterly adorable moment. Right then and there, she thanked me profusely for suggesting the first look. This further solidified my belief that the first look primarily caters to the bride’s emotions, as opposed to the groom’s. Even when a couple opts for a first look, we still witness a unique moment with the groom as the bride walks down the aisle. These are two distinct and cherished moments.

The ceremony took place at sunset, resulting in a beautiful interplay of various types of lighting throughout the proceedings. The rest of the night unfolded splendidly, with a fantastic blend of Midwesterners and Texans present. Countless candid moments were captured within this group! To conclude the festivities, we took Jillian and Jared to the top of the parking ramp for a nighttime photo shoot. Nighttime photos possess an enchanting quality, as showcased below. Allocating time for such photos is truly worthwhile. If individuals from California can endure the Minnesota winter to have them captured, then anyone can.

Thank you to the following vendors for making this such a beautiful day!

Venue: Lumber Exchange Event Center
Photography: RKH Images
Catering: Lumber Exchange Event Center
Hair and Makeup: Primped
Dress: Blue Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Shoes: Zappos
Tuxes: Nordstroms
Rings: TQ Diamonds
Florist: Wisteria Design Studio
Desert: Cafe Latte
DJ: Studio Veil

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