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Wedding: Jillian and Jared | Lumber Exchange Event Center | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Jillian and Jared were married on a cold day in January. Extra cold for Jillian’s family.  They were married in downtown Minneapolis at the Lumber Exchange Event Center, a gorgeous venue for weddings.

Jillian is from Texas and Jared is from Madison, while they both currently reside in California. So naturally, everyone asked, “Why do you want to get married in January in Minneapolis?”  We asked them that same question at their engagement session in Minnesota.  They wanted a winter wedding. They got one. Their weekend was the first cold weekend we had that winter. While it was only three degrees, easy stuff for Minnesotans, you could always tell when someone at the wedding was from Texas.

This wedding was a lot of fun. The two of them were smiling nearly all day. There are specific couples we can say that about in our career and they always make us realize why we love our job so much. The thing all those people have in common is that they realize that there are things you can’t control during the day, so you accept it as it happens. Things like the weather.

When we first met Jillian and Jared, they told us they weren’t going to do a first look. After speaking to them, I found out they very much wanted the couple photos that we are known for. It was very important to them. As anyone will tell you that has gotten married, if you do a first look, you’ll get more photos together, simply because you are together more throughout the day. They changed their mind and did one. I always worry that when people change their minds that they may be doing it for photos and not for themselves, but my fears were quickly squashed at this wedding. When we did the first look, Jared turned around and Jillian’s emotions were the ones that went spilling out all over the place. It was just adorable. She literally thanked me right there for suggesting we do a first look. This also ups my belief that the first look is really for the bride more than the groom. Whenever anyone does a first look, we see that moment with the groom when the bride walks down the aisle as well. They’re two very different moments.

Their ceremony was at sunset. The lovely consequence of this included all these different types of light throughout the ceremony. The rest of the night went wonderfully, filled with an awesome mix of the Midwesterners and the Texans. So many candid moments in this group! We ended it by bringing Jillian and Jared to the top of the parking ramp to shoot night time photos. Photos at night are some of the coolest things, as you can see below. Take the time to do them. If people from California can tolerate the Minnesota winter to get them done, anyone can.

Thank you to the following vendors for making this such a beautiful day!

Venue: Lumber Exchange Event Center
Photography: RKH Images
Catering: Lumber Exchange Event Center
Hair and Makeup: Primped
Dress: Blue Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Shoes: Zappos
Tuxes: Nordstroms
Rings: TQ Diamonds
Florist: Wisteria Design Studio
Desert: Cafe Latte
DJ: Studio Veil

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