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Engaged: Csaba and Corey | Hidden Valley Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Hidden Valley Park is truly a little gem of a location in Savage, Minnesota.  We love shooting there and have shot both summer and winter photography there.  Although this place is gorgeous in the summer, it has a certain appeal in the winter as well.

These photos were shot earlier this winter when we were silly and thought that we were only going to get a little bit of snow this year. So I figured, why not post it the day before we are supposed to get yet another foot of snow? Csaba and Corey are a delight to work with. They are very much like the two of us in that they just are very laid back and like to have fun with the photography. Csaba brought this AMAZING scarf to the session which added so much to it. Just that pop of color really does a lot during winter sessions.

Winter sessions are so amazing.  In Minnesota, people often overlook getting engagement photography done in the winter.  They fear the cold and snow and lack of color.  However, winter engagement photography can be so beautiful.  Adding that bit of color really stands out tremendously amongst the snow.  There’s not as many people running around outside, so you have access to spots that are busy in the warm weather.

They will be getting married this fall at the Horse and Hunt Club, a venue we are shooting at quite a lot this year. We are looking forward to it because if the wedding is anywhere as fun as these two, it will be a great day!

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