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Engaged: Csaba and Corey | Hidden Valley Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Hidden Valley Park, located in Savage, Minnesota, truly shines as a little gem of a location. We absolutely love shooting there.  We have had the pleasure of capturing both summer and winter photography sessions amidst its scenic beauty. While the park undeniably boasts its allure during the summer months, it holds an undeniable charm even in the winter.

We took these particular photos earlier this winter, when we naively believed that the snowfall would be minimal.  So, it’s quite ironic that we are sharing them now.  It was just a day before yet another foot of snow is expected to blanket the area. However, regardless of timing, we couldn’t wait to showcase the delightful couple, Csaba and Corey. Collaborating with them was an absolute joy. They perfectly embody our laid-back and fun-loving approach to photography, which infused the entire session with an infectious energy. Csaba even brought along this AMAZING scarf that added a vibrant splash of color to the wintry backdrop.  It elevated the visual impact of the photos.

Winter sessions possess a captivating allure. During this season, people in Minnesota often overlook the idea of having engagement photography done. They let concerns about the cold, snow, and perceived lack of color deter them. However, we can confidently say that winter engagement photography can be incredibly breathtaking. By strategically incorporating pops of color amidst the snow, the images come alive with a unique vibrancy. Moreover, with fewer people venturing outside during this time of year, we have the freedom to explore and utilize locations that are typically bustling during the warmer months.

Csaba and Corey are eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding this fall at the Horse and Hunt Club, a venue we’ve had the privilege of frequenting this year. With their delightful personalities and our shared passion for creating memorable moments, we are certain that their wedding day will be nothing short of spectacular.

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