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Wedding: Csaba & Corey | Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club | Prior Lake, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Csaba and Corey were married on a warm October day at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club. It was the opposite of their cold and snowy engagement session.  We had shot wedding photography there earlier in the year, May to be exact, and both weddings had everyone concerned about the rain and snow warnings surrounding the date. And both weddings resulted in sunny, bright days. That was the initial challenge with this day – the bright light. Although weddings look beautiful in sunlight, wedding photography can be difficult in sunlight due to harsh light, squinty eyes, and more.  We were able to deal with it, however, having now shot many bright, sunny days. The majority of photos were shot prior to the ceremony, but we were also able to capture the golden hour and blue hour light as well.

Highlights from this day include:
  • Csaba and Corey did not have a wedding party. The amount of stress that takes off a wedding is incredible, as you aren’t worried about what an extra two to twenty some people are doing.

  • Corey’s suit was a chocolate brown color, the first we have ever seen at a wedding. It was so cool because it matched so well with the autumn colors.

  • Much like many of our brides this year, Csaba had a veil, but it became a nuisance. At one point, I found it on the chair and asked if she needed it and was told she was done with it. This was rather early in the day, lol.

  • Csaba’s mom was the ceremony officiant. Loved that.

  • Csaba’s daughter walked her down the aisle.

  • They gave us a centerpiece to take home with us. We loved it because our house smelled like flowers for about another week.

Thank you to the following people for helping make this day so wonderful!
– Venue: Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club
– Photography: RKH Images
– Desert: Buttercream

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