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Engaged: Jolene & Mike | St. Anthony Main and Stone Arch Bridge | Sunrise | Minnesota Wedding Photography

This engagement shoot was really interesting from the start. When we do sunrise and sunset shoots, we are really adamant about everyone being on time because once the light is gone, it’s gone. So I always schedule clients to arrive about fifteen minutes prior to optimal light. This area is roughly fifteen minutes from us. The morning of, we were getting ready to leave and our phones lit up, telling us it would take us thirty minutes to get there. We figured this was some weird glitch, as we couldn’t find any construction or anything on the maps. Turns out that 35W was having potholes done until 8am, but it was such a short amount of time that it wasn’t listed anywhere. That added roughly ten minutes to our drive, so we were booking it to the session. When we got there, we found out that a marathon was starting in that area in a few hours, so you couldn’t park anywhere on the street. We found our parking with Jolene and Mike, just in time for the morning golden hour to begin. Plan for the worst.

Jolene and Mike are awesome. They’re so much like us, so I can’t wait for their wedding. There are some clients where you can just tell that their wedding is going to be a ton of fun, regardless of any of the crazy variables that make their way into wedding days.

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