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Golden Hour Photography – Hailey and Jon | Afton State Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

These two were so awesome to work with.  Seriously, I feel like our couples get cooler every day.  Golden hour photography really doesn’t hurt either.

They booked us pretty short notice, as they are getting married in about two weeks.  With super busy schedules, we weren’t able to meet them right away, so they just booked us online.  The first time we got to meet in person was their engagement session.  The engagement session happened the same night as the second consult to build their photography timeline.  For reference, this isn’t the first time this has happened.  Even though so many people are thinking long term with bookings over the last year, short term bookings are a thing.

Upon meeting Hailey and Jon, we found out three awesome things.  One, they have a dog named Hannibal.  He was at the shoot.  Dog photos are so fun.  Yes, he’s named after Hannibal Lecter.  Kyle and I have a whole thing with Silence of the Lambs.  My nickname on his phone is Clarice.  So I feel it was meant to be.  Two, they kept talking about Sasquatch, which is a hysterical thing with us and Kyle’s family.  And three, they tell dirty jokes just like us.  I thought of a fourth, as Hailey and I ordered the same drink at Starbucks when we met.  So it just keeps piling up.

They asked for us to shoot their golden hour photography at Afton State Park.  Afton State Park is beautiful, especially at sunset.  We walked down the trail to the beach, stopping off for photos along the way.  As you can see, we ended up with a ton of variety along the way.  The two are just extremely candid, so we just kept shooting.  After the beach, we hiked back up to our cars to leave.  As we were leaving, it was blue hour.  We pulled over and stopped them.  No one was out there anymore, so we got them in the road for some amazing night photos.

We cannot WAIT for their wedding.  The nice thing is, it’s not too long of a wait!


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