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Wedding: Libby and Ian | Minneapolis City Hall | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Libby and Ian’s day started with us getting stuck in a parking ramp and having to get out via a freight elevator and wandering through a lot of back hallways I’m sure we shouldn’t have been in.  They were getting married at Minneapolis City Hall and we were trying to get in a good in between spot from the venue to the hotel.  Their makeup artist did the same thing. Some ramps can be really difficult. So we were very grateful when we made it to the hotel room.

We had done engagement photos with Libby and Ian and they also participated in the State Fair photo sessions we did as well. So we had a bunch of photo experience with them and were very happy to be working with them again. When they hired us, they told us that they really loved some of the darker, moodier photography we had done, so we did a lot of that during their engagement session and were excited to add it to the wedding day.

Since it’s a wedding day, we couldn’t shoot it all dark and moody, but gave them a nice mix. The Minneapolis City Hall is a good place to really play with light. We took a good two hours of couples photos due to the area and all the lighting variables, but were super excited with the results. A little heads up to photographers (and possibly other vendors) – if you are shooting at this venue and never have before, scope it out. The statue blocks everything, so you have to figure out how to work around it. Use multiple lenses during the ceremony. Also, make sure you are close to the head table during the reception because a third of the guests are on the other side of the statue and cannot see the head table, and another third is on the second floor, leaving only one third that can fully see the head table. It’s a gorgeous place, but that statue can complicate certain aspects if you aren’t ready for it.

Highlights from the day:
  • The statue. You cannot get married or attend an event at the Minneapolis City Hall without mentioning the statue. It’s a cool statue but it’s crazy to shoot around..

  • Libby made her shoes. There was SO much glitter on them. It was awesome. I loved them.

  • They had honey as their wedding favors for their guests. Honey is a fantastic favor.

  • Ian started crying at the first look. This was the first time we had seen that in quite a while. It was so sweet.

  • Due to requests of the couple, we were able to provide them with a huge mix of moody, darker photos and traditional photos. Lots of shadows and off camera flash, which was a lot of fun.

Thank you to the following vendors for helping create the day:

Venue: Minneapolis City Hall
Photography: RKH Images
Wedding Planner: Joyful Day Weddings
Catering: Atlas Catering
Accommodations: Emery Hotel Minneapolis
Hair & Makeup: Warpaint International
Wedding Dress: Allure
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Lulu’s
Tuxes: Savvi
Rings: Contiental Diamond and RichterScaleRings
Florist: Forever in Bloom
DJ: DJ Matrimony
Photo Booth: VIP Photo Booth
Videography: Capture the Moments Productions

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