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Bride and Groom dipping under bridge

RKH Images Best of 2019: Weddings & Portraits | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Here is the RKH Images Best of 2019 wedding and portrait photography post.  We will also be posting one for concerts, events, landscapes and more on other post before New Years.  We like to do a best of every year, just to reflect on everything we have done.  Plus, it’s a fun time to post things that normally wouldn’t have been on the typical blog.  These photos are the photos that we as photographers love, versus the ones that do best for advertising, reaches, and more that helps the business.  It’s more of a personal side of things.  When it’s slow season, it’s a good thing to look at too, as we realize the real reason why we do this. It’s fun looking back on these too because when it’s December and you see photos you shot back in January, it’s crazy to see how far the year has come.

You see the extreme variety of photos in this post.

This year was super busy (recalling the sleeplessness of May through October).  There are wedding, engagement, and family photos in this post.  They range anywhere from weddings in various cities, the woods, indoors, outdoors, and more.  Make sure to check out the one where Goldy Gopher makes and appearance.  Engagement sessions include the Minnesota State Fair (love that!), kids, lots of dogs, parks, rainbow hair, tattoos, sunrise, sunset, snow, rain, and so much more.  It appears that we are starting to truly only attract our ideal clients – those that are so much like us in so many ways.

Thank you to all of our amazing clients and everyone who has supported us along the way.  We are very much looking forward to 2020, 2021, and so on.  Going into the Roaring ’20s owning your own business and doing photography full time is super cool.

Best of 2019: Minnesota State Fair
Best of 2019: Snowy Night Best of 2019: Bride Dancing down the aisle Best of 2019: Bride Laughing Best of 2019: Flower Girl Best of 2019: Proposal

Best of 2019: Umbrella and Fairy Lights Best of 2019: Wedding Reception Best of 2019: Bride, Groom and a Dog Best of 2019: First Look Best of 2019: Hugs

Best of 2019: Lesbian Wedding


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