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Renate and Claus – Cleary Lake Winter Engagement Photography – Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This engagement shoot was shot at Cleary Lake in Minnesota.  It’s the same place that the two of them are getting married this summer.  However, we all know how drastically the difference will be in August.

Cleary Lake was a cool place to shoot at for me personally because I hadn’t been their in years.  I used to spend a fair share of my childhood there. so it was fun to go back.  Plus, we got to see Claus!  Claus is someone I worked with about a decade ago.  When I got laid off from the place we both worked at, RKH Images actually started up to pay the bills. He was always a really fun person to work with and we were really excited when he contacted us to shoot his wedding.

He and Renate are just awesome people.  I got to meet her the day of this session, but we felt like the two of them just synced up perfectly.  It’s great that they were fun to work with too because the weather that day was NOT. Woke up to find out it was one degree out with a -10 wind chill, so we were layered up more than I had ever been for a shoot.  This session taught me two things.  One, much like Kyle, I will ALWAYS layer up for shoots, no matter how dumb I may look.  Two, the reflector is SO necessary on sunny days.  It was frigid and incredibly bright outside.  Had we not brought the reflector and the flash, we would not have been able to get many of these shots.  Winter engagement photography can be super bright at times.

We are very excited to be photographing their wedding this summer!  Be on the lookout for those shots here as well.

couple kissing on dock of Cleary Lake couple kissing in winter couple smiling and standing on Cleary Lake woman looking at man with a smile man looking at woman with a smile couple standing on dock of Cleary Lake couple hugging on dock of Cleary Lake woman dressed in hat kissing man on cheek couple kissing on ice covered Cleary Lake

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