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Beach Engagement Session: Ashlee and Nate | Park Point Beach | Duluth | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This beach engagement session was INCREDIBLE.  I mean, pretty much all beach engagement sessions are incredible, but this one had its reasons.

Ashlee and Nate are getting married next month.  That’s right – NEXT month!  They are one of the couples this year that booked us super short term.  That is something that is really common in 2021.  We are very grateful for couples like that because we were able to fill lots of dates that weren’t booked a year ago.  When we met with them, it was over a Zoom since they are in Duluth.  It was so much fun because we talked about the wedding, but then we talked dogs, South Park, and all kinds of things that make them our type of people.  Their engagement session was the first time we had met in real life.  They wanted to do it at Park Point Beach in Duluth, a spot we had actually never been to.  I’m so glad we went with it because the spot is gorgeous!

One thing that you can’t tell in these photos is how hot it was.  It was extremely hot that day.  This is another reason why a beach engagement session is a good idea.  It’s an easy way to cool off on a hot day!  One thing they asked us right away was if they could get in the water.  To which we were like, “Yes!  Please get in the water because it’s so hot!”  For those who have been to Lake Superior, you know how cold it can be.  On this day, it was the most refreshing thing every.  They then asked us if they could do a water fight, which we were all about.  As long as it was at the end of the session.  It was a session where we did a lot of posing, but also was super candid.  The end was just hilarious because they really splashed at each other (which you can see below).  It was awesome.

One tip for really great photos – if it feels like what you’re doing is dumb, it probably looks great in photos.  So just act like a total fool.

We seriously can’t wait to shoot their big day.


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