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Duluth Engagement Photography : Rose and Yesenia | Duluth, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We met with Rose and Yesenia back when it was very cold out to book their wedding. Now we’re happy to shoot their engagement photos when it is much warmer out. We took the time to head up to Duluth to shoot this session and cover a lot of ground from the typical daylight to sunset. Both us and Rose and Yesenia are actually from the southern suburbs, but they loved the idea of having Duluth engagement photography, so we figured, why not make a day of it?

Duluth engagement photography is cool, especially since we are from the Twin Cities.  It has such a different look to it from our usual engagement photography.  Not to say that the Twin Cities ones are bad or anything, but Lake Superior isn’t here.

There is a lot of ground to cover in Duluth, from the rose garden to Canal Park and more. It’s such a great area to shoot in. One thing I would strongly advise is, if you’re shooting outside of your typical shooting area, pick the exact places you plan to shoot in.  All four of us kind of winged this one, and while it looked good on paper, it’s a lot of time traveling.  Rose and Yesenia are such a cute couple and so fun to work with. We’re so happy we are going to be covering their big day next summer.

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