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Summer Engagement Photography: Amanda and Rory | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Summer engagement photography can be a touchy thing.  It can often be as touchy as winter photography.  That is especially true this summer.

We were originally supposed to shoot Amanda and Rory’s summer engagement photography the week prior to this.  However, on the original evening, the heat index skyrocketed and the air quality was horrible.  Due to the Canadian wildfires, it was really bad.  The session was then rescheduled.  This was a good thing because I feel we all would have been miserable on that hot humid original evening.

Instead, we got this awesome evening.  Amanda and Rory showed up with their adorable Golden Retriever, Lottie.  I got some bonus points with Amanda because apparently I am the first to guess the origins of Lottie’s name.  Think Broadway musicals.  Lottie got her photos in and then we were with Amanda and Rory.  These two had already had an engagement session in Washington DC, as Rory loves it there.  However, we really wanted to do a shoot with them here as well, so this happened.  So glad it did!

The two of them are SO much fun.  They were easy to photograph because they just had fun with each other.  Couples that just relax and joke around all night are the best.  Also, as you can see, the sky was still pretty orange.  This, again, was due to the fires.  So it’s unfortunate that it was due to that reason.  It made for beautiful photography though.

They are going to be getting married up north in December this year.  We are really excited for their day. Being in the North Shore around the holidays is going to be really beautiful.  Working with a couple as great as them doesn’t hurt either.

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