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Plus Size Brides: Luxe Bridal | Minnesota Wedding Photography

We were contacted months ago to participate in a photoshoot with Luxe Bridal featuring plus size brides.  We were so happy to take part in this.

The topic of plus size brides is a topic I could on about for DAYS.  Why?  I thought that by wedding planning myself would be enough to show me how much this industry focuses on what they consider to be an “ideal look”.  Whatever that means.  I remember that when I got engaged, I went on a diet the week later.  Why?  Because when you look at wedding magazines and more, they are very much focused on very thin brides.  I was very skinny a size six at the time and thought I had to lose weight.  And I did.  I dropped down to a size two.  This was in 2007, prior to major social media and all the madness of today.

After working in the wedding industry for twelve years now, I have seen how much more of a toll this takes on people.  I have spoken to so many brides who think they look bad in their photos because of their weight.  And each time, both myself and Kyle are like, “What are you talking about?  You’re beautiful.”  And here’s the thing.  THEY ARE.  Regardless of your weight, you’re beautiful.  Seriously, look at these photos.  These women are all so beautiful.  As a result of really seeing so much of this, we’ve made it a point to really focus on our plus size couples and how to make them feel as gorgeous as they are.

Again, I could go on with this topic all day.  Being a woman in it of itself is hard enough with people telling you what is considered beautiful.  Don’t listen to what others think.  Be happy with yourself.  I’m not just saying this either.  Over the years, I have gain more weight since being a size six.  I’m now a size ten.  And while that isn’t a huge difference, it still is to me.  It takes a lot to be happy with yourself if you listen to others.  It’s taken me over thirty years to feel happy with myself and I feel like I’m still not fully there.

On another note, Luxe Bridal RULES.  Seriously, they have some of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen.  Whenever one of our brides tells us they are using their dresses, I get so excited.

Thank you to all these awesome people for making such a beautiful shoot!

Models: Gianna Schiller, Suzanne Thompson, Mahle Roth, Josie
Photography: RKH Images
Bridal Shop: Luxe Bridal
Dresses: All Who Wander, Miss Stella York, Essence of Australia
Venue: AxeBridge Wine Co
Flowers: Flowers by Jerry
Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Mindie

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