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Northeast Minneapolis Senior Photography: Bianca | Minnesota Senior Photographer

Welcome to Northeast Minneapolis senior photography at sunset. Once more, here is another senior photography session where we have known the parents for quite some time.  To say that this time is an understatement.  Kyle has known Bianca’s mom since the early ’90s.  I’ve known her since the mid 2000s.  It just find it so funny when we do all this, like it’s some kind of family affair. We are the older people now, but still feel like we are in our 20’s so who really cares, right?

We shot this session at golden hour in Northeast Minneapolis.  Northeast Minneapolis senior photography offers a lot of variety.  You’ve got the city, the river, and more.  Bianca was big on the distressed look with the graffiti and all.  With her outfit selection, it made for an amazing contrast.  We always ask if there is anything in particular that a senior is looking for with their photos.  Simply because, we shoot what we shoot.  But there may be something that someone is looking for that is special or unique.  She looks at Kyle and goes, “Please don’t have the background be blurry in all my photos.”  I laughed so hard when I heard this because the low aperture is what everyone wants.  We love it, but also acknowledge that there are times when you have to up that aperture.  But I just loved that she didn’t want to go with what was popular.  She wanted what she wanted.  There’s something to be said about that, especially with a teenager girl.

Loved how these photos turned out. Bianca is so gorgeous and it was a really fun session.  Also, it makes me want to do all senior sessions at sunset.  Because how can you not just love that light?  It’s just so beautiful.

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