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How to Hire a Photographer for a Proposal Without Your Fiancé Knowing What is Going On

Many people think it is really difficult to hire a photographer for a proposal without your fiancé knowing what is going on.  It’s not.  The part that is difficult is that you are overthinking it.

That isn’t to say that what you are going through is uncommon.  I’d be a mess trying to figure that out if I was going to propose to someone.  As a photographer though, I can tell you that it’s not hard.  You simply have to plan for it.  So if you are looking to hire a photographer for a proposal without your fiancé knowing what is going on, read on.

Put the Entire Proposal Photography Under the Guise of a “Regular” Photo Session.

There are a million ways to do this.  Even if you have never gotten professional photos done before, if you say it’s a special gift to someone, they’ll think it’s sweet. You just have to sell it.  The way you can do that is by saying the photo session is for something special to them.  Think birthdays, holidays, etc.  Valentine’s Day is a big time for couples’ photos.  Even if nothing key is coming up, you can always say you want to get photos for holiday cards for the year.  Or simply because you love them and want to do something fun.

Once you are able to convince them what a good idea a photo session is, start asking what types of photos they like.  There are a lot and you’ll see that when you look at photographers.  Different photographers shoot and edit differently.  Some, like us, enjoy realism, whereas other photographers use muted coloring techniques and more.  Find what is best for the two of you.

After you have figured that out, start contacting photographers.  People all do this differently, but I’ll tell you the way we do it.

  • We book a portrait session with you.  There are a lot of reasons why it’s good to let your significant other in on a session ahead of time.  One that I hear constantly is that people are glad that they looked their best in proposal photos.  It’s just one of those things.  It’s harder to convince someone to dress up and look nice if they think they’re just going out for a walk that then turns into a proposal.
  • We work with you specifically to time out when you want to propose.  We like to wait until we have photographed for at least fifteen minutes.  Reason being, you both are comfortable with us.  However, we completely understand if you are really nervous and want to propose right away.  So we plan that out with you in advance.
  • When we arrive at the session, we photograph as if it’s just a typical couples’ photo session.  When you are ready to propose, we’ll convince your significant other to pose a few different ways for single photos.  This is just a big distraction while you get in place behind them.  Once you are ready, we instruct your significant other to turn around for another photo.  That’s when they see you and it’s all candid emotional shots from there on out.
It seems like a lot, but it’s not too much, especially for the amazing outcome.  The photos are so sweet.

If you are getting ready to propose and are looking for someone to capture the moment, contact us!

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