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RKH Images Best of 2022: Weddings and Portraits | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Here is the 2022 RKH Images Best of weddings and portrait photography post.  We will also be posting one for concerts, events, landscapes and more on other soon.  We like to do a best of weddings and portraits post every year.  It’s a great way to reflect on everything we have done.  These photos are the photos that we as photographers love, versus the ones that do best for advertising, reaches, and more that helps the business.  It’s more of a personal side of things.  When it’s slow season, it’s a good thing to look at too, as we realize the real reason why we do this. It’s fun looking back on these too because when it’s December.  It’s always so funny looking back on the year and realizing how much we have done.  Especially when it’s also super cold outside.  A lot of these photos are warm and fun.  It helps us think less about the cold.

You will see the extreme variety of photos in this post.

This year was super busy, especially the months of September and October.  There are wedding, engagement, and family photos in this post.  We shot more family photo shoots this year than ever before, which is amazing.  While we have our best wedding photos in here, there are also so many other types.  We have family photos and engagement photos in here as well.  You see photos from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and other states.  There are engagement sessions by First Avenue, in the parks, and so much more.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us.  It means more than you know.  We are looking forward to going into 2023!


Groomsmen posing with flowers in gray suits.

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