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Minnetonka Senior Photography: Kya | Minnesota Senior Photographer

When we were asked to do this Minnetonka senior photography, it wasn’t originally here. However, Kya, this awesome senior girl, recommended this location. She wanted to do a spot that had a creek because she wanted to get in it.  Yes, you read that right.  She wanted to get in the creek for her senior photos.  It was so awesome.

We love when seniors do this sort of stuff because they are just themselves.   That’s what makes for the best photos.  We have had parents tell us that they love our photos because the seniors look like kids, not models.  This is why.

So Kya’s session was the first of several senior sessions that day. It was a pretty humid and hot day, something you can’t see in these photos.  So getting into the creek was awesome.  Along with the creek, this area was just stuffed with incredible nature.  Who knew Minnetonka senior photography could look like so green?  In a small space, there was the creek, wildflowers, greens, and more.  It makes for such a magical feel.

We absolutely loved Kya’s choice of outfits for this session.  Her dresses fit the environment so well.  Imagine how different these would look if she was wearing, say, jeans.  There would be nothing wrong with that.  But these dresses in the creek give her photos such a whimsical feel.

It’s been a super busy season for seniors.  We’re so excited to be doing more of them.  It’s an easy way to meet great people.  Not only that, but we are now doing family photos for her family!  That’s happened multiple times this year. It’s been so wonderful meeting all these new people.

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