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Larissa Loden Building Engagement Photography: Becky and Katie | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Becky and Katie’s engagement session was SO fun!

This session happened a little different than our typical engagement photography session.  Becky and Katie got in touch with us outside of booking wedding photography.  They were going to have an engagement party and wanted photos for it.  But they needed them done by September and they reached out on August 10.  For those not in the know, summer and fall is SUPER busy for photographers in Minnesota.  So getting them a date for the session that worked for all of us, plus getting everything edited for them was something that was proving a challenge for them.  Until they reached out to us.

We did their session at the Larissa Loden Building and at Lebanon Hills Regional Park.  The Larissa Loden Building was something the two really wanted to shoot at.  Why?  There’s an awesome mural on the side of it.  So that was a really fun aspect of the shoot.  They were just so much fun too.  With the same sense of humor as us, we felt like we had known them forever.

When we went to Lebanon Hills Regional Park, we were hoping for a big sunset.  We got a small one, but the sky turned incredible colors near the end due to storms.  That was REALLY cool.  We love when those sort of skies show up because it’s not too often.  Check out the photos of that below.

We really hope to work with Becky and Katie again.  They were both just so fun.  This was a two hour session and it seemed to go by so fast!

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