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Mill City Senior Photography: Josh | Minneapolis Senior Photographer

This Mill City senior photography session was so much fun.

So if you’ve been following our senior shoots over the years, you’ll see a pattern. We do a lot of Mill City senior photography.  Why?  It’s just such a GREAT location for it.  There’s a reason as to why there were about twenty other senior shoots going on around us.  Mill City Ruins, nestled in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers an exceptional setting for senior photography.  It is rimming with historical charm and captivating visual elements. The remnants of the old flour mills create a rustic and distinctive backdrop.  That adds character to senior portraits, showcasing brick walls, arches, and industrial remnants. This architectural diversity allows for creative compositions that infuse a sense of history into the photographs.

Moreover, the surrounding park provides a lush and contrasting natural environment, ensuring a wide variety of shots, from urban grit to serene greenery. With panoramic views of the Mississippi River, the Stone Arch Bridge, and the Minneapolis skyline, the location offers stunning scenic backdrops, making senior photos even more unforgettable. We were able to capture so much here for Josh.  At golden hour, this spot looks all the more magical.

We traversed not only the Ruins, but also the Lower Trail on the other side of the Stone Arch Bridge.  The Lower Trail is great for a contrast to the Ruins.  He was also able to get both sides of the city by doing so.

It’s been a great year for senior photos for us.  We’ve met a number of wonderful new people and are so excited for our fall ones as well.

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