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Summer in the Park Engagement: Kaylie and Alex | Lebanon Hills Regional Park

These two are awesome.  Summer in the park engagement sessions are so beautiful.  Especially in the morning. We shot a couple’s session for them last winter in this same location.  They just got engaged and we ended up doing the engagement session in the same place.  It just happened to be the exact opposite weather scenario at this session. By that, I mean, it was humid as all get out.  All of us decided to do this at 10am to avoid the summer humidity.  We were so glad we did because at about 10:45am, we were all drenched in sweat. That’s the part of the summer in the park that doesn’t show up in these photos.

Aside from the weather though (hello, Minnesotans!), we were so happy to work with Kaylie and Alex again.  They found us on Google in the winter to do the first shoot with us.  So we had no idea who they were.  Any photographer knows how that goes.  You could be getting into a potentially amazing situation or a rough one.  They were so fun though.  It was freezing that day and they just had fun with it.

They are going to be getting married next September and we couldn’t be more excited!  You know what else is cool?  Their venue is ten minutes from our house.  That is SO nice.  Not too mention the fact that we have worked with them multiple times.  Having worked with a couple in the past makes it so easy on us.  We can’t wait!

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