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Social Media Limits and Your Wedding | Your Thoughts?

Weddings and Social Media Limits

This topic is more of a personal than professional one, in my opinion.  It, of course, leaks into our profession, but it feels more personal.

Over the last few years, social media limits have become more prevalent when we book clients and photograph weddings.  Social media used to be one thing, but has changed so much over the years.  On my end, I don’t like it.  The only reason I am on any social media is because of the business.  I have found it interesting that we have had several younger clients that have no social media presence at all.

This brings up the topic of people who do not want their wedding photography (and other aspects of their day) posted on social media.

We have had numerous clients that have not wanted anything posted to socials.  For us, that’s totally fine.  Our job is to photograph your wedding.  Many wedding professionals argue that you have the right to post their photos to social media for advertising.  I always counter with, it’s my business.  If I tell people I’m not going to post their photos, I don’t.  We’ve photographed weddings since 2010.  A few non posted weddings here and there aren’t going to demolish our online presence.  Not to mention, some people have some really good reasons for not posting all their stuff online.

Like I said, this is a more personal one.  So this post is a bit more of a rant.  A lot of that has to do with us being told by clients that they were told by vendors that their wedding would be posted online whether they wanted it or not.  This could be by venues doing phone video, a different photographer, or even their own families.  No one deserves that.  If someone asks you to not post their wedding photos or any photos of them online, respect that.

If I want to set social media limits on my wedding, what should I do?

  • First and foremost, remember that this is your decision and it is neither right nor wrong.  It is simply what you want.  And there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Tell your families and be CLEAR about it.   If you feel comfortable, tell them why.  Don’t feel that you need to tell them why.
  • Let your vendors know about this BEFORE you book them.  Ask that it be added to the contract that your day will not be posted online specifically.  Make sure it is in the contracts when you are signing them.


That is really all you have to do.  It all goes back to remembering that your wedding is about you and your spouse.  It’s not about what everyone else wants to do.  It can be really hard to remember that, but it’s important.


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