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What If It Rains On Your Wedding Day? | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

What If It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

People worry about this ALL the time.  It’s totally reasonable to worry about if it rains on your wedding day.  But worry not – rainy day weddings are AMAZING!

This is coming from someone who loves rain.  Seriously, I just adore rainy days and would love if it rained on my wedding day.  I find it terribly romantic.  Probably from reading too much Wuthering Heights when I was young.  I know I am in the minority here, as my own husband can’t stand the rain.  But I get so excited when it rains on a wedding day.

Every year, we get couples that contact us a week before the wedding asking what we will do if it rains.  In short, I want to tell them, “It’ll rain.”  Because that is what will happen.  We can’t control the weather.  No matter how much a certain couple many years back felt we should be able to.  But I don’t say that to them.  It’s better to provide solutions.  And with my love of rain, I very much do.

How to avoid rain worries

  • When booking a venue, make sure they have a backup plan for weather.  Rain isn’t the only kind of concerning weather. Last summer, we had wedding days that were so hot and humid that they had to be moved inside.  Had they not been, children and elderly would have gotten sick.  Do not assume venues have backup plans.  Always ask. That is SO important and will help alleviate so much stress.
  • Realize early on that there are things you cannot control.  That sounds easier said than done and truthfully, it is.  It actually took me years to get this.  But once you do, you’ll not only be calmer about your wedding, but life in general.
  • Hire vendors with experience.  This is one of those reasons why you hire professionals.  If it rains, we know how to take incredible outdoor rain photos.  If it pours and we have to shoot in a small indoor space, we can find spots.  We also can light darker spaces, which can happen if it’s a darker day outside.
  • Find a venue that you love both inside and out.  A lot of people only focus on venues that are beautiful outside.  There are SO many cool indoor spaces that get overlooked.  Look for both.


In the end, whether it rains or not, you are marrying the person you love.  That is what matters.  If you remind yourself of this, you’ll have a great day.  That is what is important.  That, and trying to ignore everyone telling you, “It’s lucky if it rains on your wedding day.”

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